How can companies — especially large companies — achieve that perfect triad of collaboration between the design, business, and technology teams? It’s a perennial question that remains largely unsolved. 

We’ll tell you what’s decidedly not helping. Those balanced, beautiful Venn diagrams keynote speakers present at industry conferences illustrating the ideal design, business, tech dynamic. 

Behind the scenes, design teams make fun of these cliched diagrams because they know real-world working relationships are lopsided. Business or tech reign, and design is too often seen as a mere contributing cog instead of an equal leader. 

Clearly, achieving cross-team balance takes more than sketching circles. 

To gain respect, designers need to bolster their business IQs. In fintech, that means learning about markets, trading, rates, money movement — all to show the business team that you do get their end-game and you are contributing to their strategy. 

Even with business-savvy designers in your corner, this kind of collaboration is always hard. And it requires a more modern design mindset. It might seem impossible for large, complex organizations to work together — and work quickly — like startups seem to do. 

Listen as host J Cornelius and guest Jose Coronado discuss leading efficient, cross-functional teams, even within legacy fintech companies.  

Topics Include

  • Why your design organization should run like a business
  • How to get your teams to stop arguing, and start articulating needs stakeholders can get behind
  • Applying today’s design thinking to yesterday’s big bank infrastructure