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What is the relationship between innovation, design, and organizational culture? In a perfect world, they don’t just overlap; they are continuously working together in a symbiotic relationship. So why is it that the three aren’t always spoken of together? More often than not, you hear executives talking about innovating with design or creating a culture of innovation, but without the third piece you can only go so far. 

“The truth about Innovation is that we have all the tools that we need. Unfortunately, the entrenched culture within a lot of these companies isn’t changing to meet the needs of these new innovative ways. Until the culture changes, you’re not going to see much lift and see the needle move very much.” - Greg Storey on The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures (HBR)

The value of design isn’t always tangible, and for organizations where legacy systems or legacy culture rules, it can get in the way of making effective design decisions. At the end of the day, design can help you innovate, but there has to be organizational alignment and cultural shifts to truly achieve the “innovation” that many business leaders strive for.

Topics Include

  1. Creating alignment to goals across multiple teams and how that translates to tactical execution.
  2. The conversations happening in boardrooms about design and its impact on business. 
  3. How legacy culture can get in the way of making effective design decisions, and how to address it. 

About Greg Storey

Greg Storey is an internationally recognized designer, writer, and speaker who joined InVision in 2019. He has more than 22 years of digital design experience, leading teams through full-scale projects in a wide array of industries, including retail, education, law, and gaming. As an entrepreneur, Greg has founded three successful businesses, one of which was ranked in the Inc. 5000, a list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Greg’s work has been recognized by The Webbys, W3 Awards, and featured in Communication Arts and the Wall Street Journal.

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