2020 brought change to every industry, and fintech is no exception. Thanks in large part to the pandemic, which forced at-home banking, tech adoption skyrocketed. Features that were once thought of as nice to have, or even too difficult to use — QR codes, mobile check cashing, touchless transactions — became expected and mainstream in a matter of weeks. 

On the coattails of a tech-heavy year, what could possibly be next? 

Listen as host J Cornelius and guests Mike Dick and Martin Ringlein talk insider perspectives on all things fintech in 2021 and beyond. 

This hour-long roundtable is packed with bold predictions. We won’t give it all away here, but these experts’ forecasts include:

  • The ability to bring your bank account number with you from provider to provider, nearly eradicating bank switching costs for customers. 
  • That financial technology will embed itself in other industries. Think document signing coupled with transactions.  
  • An opportunity for niche banks for pet lovers, sports fanatics, nature buffs — you name it.
  • More adaptable UIs for powerful customer-specific experiences.  

Their take on the future of fintech is not to be missed. 

Additional Topics Include

  • Next steps for challenger banks and neobanks as they look to differentiate themselves in a saturated market
  • The impending UI/UX revolution for legacy banks, and what happens to challenger banks when the big-wigs level-up their look
  • Who’s really behind the apps we love — like PayPal and Chime — and what that says about the value of brand vs. service