The business case for UX Design is strong. Right? Better UX leads to quicker adoption, less cart abandonment, easier enrollment, and a frictionless payment process. A good User Experience is priceless. Isn’t it? If you’re nodding your head yes, you’re probably a Product Executive or Designer. 

But if you’re one of the millions of decision makers in a more traditional C-suite role, you focus more on budgets, spreadsheets, and headcount, and you’re skeptical of the ROI on great UX Design. We get it. The study and practice of UX, while well established, is young but Business….Business has been leading the way for centuries. That will never change. And we are not here to convince you otherwise. 

Good UX Design isn’t cheap, and it isn’t quick. Good UX requires buy-in and a decent budget, and as you’ll hear on this podcast, you may not even know its there

On this episode of Design Driven, host J. Cornelius brings the conversation in-house to dish  with our Senior UX Designer, Cathy Fisher about the intersection of Business, Functionality, and UX Design. 

Sure, business and UX design seem at opposite ends of the spectrum, when in reality both practices are about problem solving. This podcast explores how good UX Design is about making decisions that lead to better outcomes. We discuss how, when done well, the product design process is no different than processes used in manufacturing or the board room.

We also dive into the single best way to respond to challenges in both business and in design,  why you must remove the word “design” from your workplace nomenclature, and so much more. 

And if you’re wondering if there’s a business case for upgrading your web application or digital product design, Nine Labs is here to help