The tech industry is full of stereotypes. The business exec who only talks in MBA acronyms and spreadsheets. The developer who’d rather code alone in a dark room than attend a co-worker’s birthday lunch. The diva designer who always insists on more whitespace and is overly-concerned with font choices.

About This Episode

In reality, these stereotypes are dated. Worse, they’re impeding great teamwork. When designers, developers, and business people work in siloed teams, and only come together in progress report meetings, they are pitted against each other because that’s how their departments are structured.

Too many companies think different skills should be independent, to think on their own to create the best thinking. The reality is teams need to be interdependent so they can collectively create better outcomes. When we seek to understand the individual people in these roles, we can map out how to use their natural skills in more effective ways.

How do you understand individuals? You need a handle on the principles of neuroscience and how the human brain actually works. Then, you can structure your teams not by departmental silo — but by personality, motivations, and natural talent. This creates a culture of truth seeking, progress, and true innovation. And isn’t that what you want?

Listen as host J Cornelius and guest Evan LaPointe explain how neuroscience helps you understand the personalities on your team and, ultimately, streamline design and development. 

Topics Include

  • How to align team members’ personalities with strategic business goals 
  • Why asking, “What am I missing?” is your most potent tool 
  • How to get your company to embrace the power of brain science