It’s pretty incredible. We found new ways of describing what we do almost instantly. Now we’re closing more deals than ever. Easily the best money we’ve spent this year.

Vince DeRosa - Founder & CEO

Powerful Positioning - in as Little as One Week

With our industry-leading guidance you’ll go through a proven process to understand your customers like never before. You’ll use this powerful framework to connect what you do directly to what customers need and want, tell your story with more clarity and confidence, and generate real results for your business.

Target Market Definition

1-hour video session per market segment that will help you clearly understand your target market by:

  • Breaking it down into clear market segments

  • Defining who the users and buyers are in those segments

  • Outlining the risks, pressures, desires, and questions those users and buyers have

When we’re done you’ll have a Target Market Map that outlines everything for your ongoing reference.

We’ll also use this map as the foundation for the next meeting... Value Proposition Definition.

Target Market Mapping Diagram
Target Market Mapping Diagram
Value Proposition Definition

Several 1-hour video conference meetings to discuss and define your Value Proposition to the people in the Target Market Segments we defined above. We will define:

  • What tasks do these people perform in their role?

  • What pain points do they have when performing these tasks?

  • What features of your product or service can help reduce or eliminate that pain?

  • What are the benefits - or gains created - by that feature?

Delivery of a Value Proposition Map document for your ongoing internal reference.

Value Proposition Mapping Diagram
Value Proposition Mapping Diagram
Communications Strategy

Use your newly refined Target Market Definition and Value Proposition Map to create messaging that captures the attention of your target market.

By talking about the benefits your product provides for each role within your target market segment, you’ll create messaging that’s more precise, engaging, and effective.

No more mad-lib “we do ____ for _____” statements.

You’ll finally be able to talk about your products and services in a way that generates real results.

Optional Implementation Guidance
  • Strategy Check-in every 2 weeks
    30-minute call every two weeks to review the previous period’s activity and adjust strategy as necessary.

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The Details

Sessions can be held remotely from anywhere in the world.
From start to finish, expect this to take at least 1 week, subject to availability of your team.
We can usually begin within a few business days.
Critical leaders and decision makers from your team must participate in the video conferences.
Across the video conference calls and several emails you will get:
  • Industry leading guidance through the entire process
  • Clear and concise recommendations for your note taking
  • Target Market Map in a high-resolution PDF
  • Value Proposition Map in a high-resolution PDF
  • Video recordings of all the work sessions

This simple process helped us rethink how we create value for our customers and create clear, effective messaging. It was eye-opening and tremendously helpful.

Suzanne Murphy - Serial Startup Founder & Investor