Usability Testing Is Integral to Your Product's Success

So you’ve built a prototype of your product and are ready to move forward. There’s only one problem: you haven’t tested it with your customers to confirm it’s what your users want. Without feedback from your users, your product’s ability to address their needs is still a hypothesis. There’s only one way to validate that hypothesis: dedicated Usability Testing.

Benefits of Usability Testing

  1. Confirm your product meets users' requirements and adds maximum value
  2. Reduce costly future development rework by identifying issues before features are released
  3. Help identify edge cases and expose areas of potential improvement
  4. Confirm or disprove the user-friendliness of your product
  5. It’s never too early or too late! Testing can be completed during any stage of your product strategy and development process to uncover insights.
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Types of Usability Testing We Provide

Remote Unmoderated Testing

We test a digital prototype or live product with a screened set of users who complete tasks on their own devices while thinking aloud. We then analyze the video recordings of these tests.

Remote Moderated Testing

A Nine Labs moderator will guide users through testing tasks via video call, asking questions and getting richer feedback.

In-Person Moderated Testing

Our moderators will meet your users where they are, whether in the real world or a lab setting, to run the test and observe user behavior.

Steps in Our Usability Testing Process


Identify project goals, existing learnings, and the current state of the product

Test Plan

Create project test plan, contact recruitment agencies, select testing platform, and iterate on prototype.


Set up user interviews and recruit participants.

Test Script

Create scenarios and questions that uncover insights from test participants.

Conducting Tests

Moderate testing sessions and observe users.


Analyze participant data and identify actionable insights.

Final Report

Present findings and next steps.

Why Choose Nine Labs to Conduct Your Usability Testing?

  • From kickoff to delivery of our findings, we take care of everything from recruiting testers to distilling our design recommendations, so you can focus on your original project plan.
  • We have dedicated Psychology and UX Experts who will analyze your usability testing results and provide actionable insights.
  • With our deep experience in Product Innovation & Strategy, UX Research, and Human Centered Design, we can  also be an integral part of executing on our findings with you and your team.


The Details


We specialize in both remote and in-person testing and can travel to your target market if necessary.


  • Unmoderated Testing: 8-10 business days from kickoff
  • Moderated, Remote Testing: 4-6 weeks, depending on the size of the test group
  • Moderated, In-Person Testing: 4-8 weeks, depending on the size of the test group and additional factors like number of tasks or devices. 


We can begin our moderated tests within days of our initial call with you.


We will take the findings  from the testing sessions with each participant and distill them into an Executive Summary presentation for you and your team. At the end of our testing round and research findings, you will receive:

  • Your Affinity Mapping Diagram which presents details from each testing session, and commonalities found in our test sessions  amongst all test participants
  • An Executive Summary deck that details the testing process we followed, the test participants, all insights found during testing, and our recommendations on the next steps for product success