Joining Forces with The Combine

When you have the opportunity to work with the smartest people around, you take it. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with The Combine to provide digital marketing and design services to them and their ecosystem of companies.


The Combine, headquartered in Atlanta, partners with enterprise organizations and technical founders to convert their promising intellectual property into viable, scalable businesses with a strict focus on achieving aggressive IRR and multiple targets. It provides hands-on management and a structured maturation process to create a proprietary investment pipeline of early-stage growth companies.

New Branding

combine-mark-256-150x150Our first step was to create new branding that embodied what they stand for. The new branding implies an infinite feedback loop, connectedness, and energy. Three essentials needed to grow a company from an idea into a viable business.

It also hints at forward motion and growth, all while remaining stable and strong. This is based on the core values we helped their team uncover through our Branding Exercise:

The Combine is: Aggressive, Technical, Professional, Focused, Approachable, Rigorous, Realistic, Radical, Respectful, Accomplished, Disciplined, Progressive, Trusted, Sophisticated, Analytical, Vibrant, Savvy, Organic, Global View, Alchemy, Defy Gravity.

The Combine is not: Standardized, Ordinary, Formal, Conventional, Shy

That’s a lot to fit into a visual mark. To quote KP Reddy, Co-Founder, “You guys really nailed it”.

New, Cleaner, Faster Website

The new website continues this theme while still incorporating some of the organization’s history. It’s faster, cleaner, and easier for them to maintain.


What the Future Holds

We’ll also be helping the companies in their incubator and accelerator programs. There are startups in engineering, healthcare, eco-tech, financial services and more. They are some of the most exciting new companies in the southeast, and around the world. We’re excited about using our skills to help grow these new companies into the next big thing.

For more information check them out at

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