Our work ranges from shaping brand-new ideas to reshaping legacy products for some of the world's smartest startups and biggest brands. Regardless of project or company size, we're always excited to use best-in-class thinking and great design to create a competitive advantage for our clients.

Intercontinental Hotel Group

The exact nature and scope of our projects with IHG is confidential.


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We've helped their mobile and web teams work through some tough challenges and adapt to the changing landscape over a number of years. With our help, they have generated substantial gains in key metrics across multiple platforms.

Customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue per guest all increased.

A Global Airline

We can't say who due to confidentiality clauses in our agreement.


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The Sales Technology team of a global airline came to us with a very specific design challenge. They needed to update a critical customer facing system to keep up with the competition. Their teams thought it would take 3 to 4 months to get the updates live and they were starting to sweat.

Our team was able to simplify and streamline their design and development process and help their team get the updates shipped in just 6 weeks. The speed of delivery drove customer satisfaction and retention metrics past expectations.

Now their teams create and ship updates faster and with more confidence than ever.

Multifamily Asset Management

We can't say who due to confidentiality clauses in our agreement.


#research #prototyping #design #development #leadership #ux #ui

Leadership of a $4BN property management company needed help with one of their investments — a platform for managing multi-family property operations and transactions. Development had stalled, new features were blocked by legacy code, and customers were starting to complain.

Serving as an interim product team, we assessed the entire operation from the ground up. In just 6 months we conducted competitive analysis, performed dozens of customer interviews, created a new product roadmap, prototyped critical new functionality with key clients, and helped recruit new talent to drive continued product design and development.

Now they’re leading the competition instead of playing catch-up.

Shadow Ventures


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When the founder of Shadow Ventures, a venture capital firm with an unconventional approach, wanted to rethink how they evaluated and built companies, they came to us.

We helped design a curriculum that guides seed-stage companies through incubation, acceleration, and on to Series A funding. Our team now leads weekly workshops with the portfolio companies, building confidence in their products and services for both customers and investors.

Our processes and methodologies have now been used to create businesses with over $3BN in enterprise value.

Committee to Protect Journalists


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Press freedom is important. Very important.

When CPJ needed to update their systems to keep up with the pace of modern media it was no small task. Decades of data about attacks on the press sat in static blog posts with no clear way to tie them all together.

Our design and engineering team created a custom journalist database and a powerful data visualization system that allows the CPJ team to update statistics in real-time, and allows their partners (like Reuters, the Associated Press, and New York Times) to get up to date information in just a few clicks.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows CPJ to be more effective at their core mission, advocating for press freedom around the world.

CINC Systems


#research #prototyping #design #development #ux #ui

CINC Systems is an all-in-one cloud based management platform designed for companies for who manage homeowner and condo associations. After a decade of growth, they were ready for a fresh approach to how their systems worked and looked.

We helped re-engineer both the user experience and user interface of their critical systems. This overhaul boosted user satisfaction by streamlining workflows, simplifying the interface, and making it easier for developers to release updates to the platform. Now they are the leading association management platform in their space, and still growing strong.


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