Global Financial Services Software Provider

Help global fintech design and development teams work more effectively and efficiently.

The Challenge

As a global financial services organization with dozens of applications and hundreds of developers, the lack of consistent process and a single source of truth for UI and UX standards was creating massive backlogs and confusion, slowing the pace of innovation to a crawl.

What We Did

Rather than simply giving advice, our designers were embedded with their design and development teams to provide daily hands-on guidance and execution, paving the way for better collaboration and a more consistent design process. We helped people at every level, from individual contributor to executive stakeholder, understand how to leverage industry leading design operations tools and tactics to improve delivery across the enterprise.

The Outcome

Their design and development teams are now better aligned and can work faster with more consistency. Implementation of a simplified Design System helps business, product, and technology teams speak the same language and focus on improving the customer experience instead of debating the usage of various UI components and interaction patterns.