Global Travel Industry Enterprise Application

Re-design global B2B Services Platform for increased usability and satisfaction.

The Challenge

We were asked to update the User Experience of a legacy platform which managed multiple complex workflows for a diverse group of B2B customers. The biggest challenge was streamlining the workflows without changing the sequence of steps required to complete various tasks so that users would not have to learn a new process.

What We Did

We began by interviewing multiple people from each customer group to understand their unique needs and opinions on what would make their jobs easier. Then we compiled our findings together to create a holistic view of the overall application, and opportunities to improve its usability. Using this data, we created detailed User Task Outlines for each customer group, and then a comprehensive UX Flow diagram showing how each of those tasks would be accomplished in one cohesive system. From there we iterated with the internal teams to create Wireframes, High-Fidelity UI Comps, and eventually a Clickable Prototype of the new application.

The Outcome

Comparative testing showed a 20% improvement in time to complete tasks, a significant reduction in errors, and an overall increase in usability (as measured by less rework and fewer support requests). Additionally, the company subsequently won a coveted industry award for excellence in service delivery.