Retail Point of Sale System Refresh

Create a new UI for a checkout system to increase transaction value and loyalty among retail customers.

The Challenge

We were asked to create an engaging new UI for a Point of Sale (POS) display to drive sales of specific products in a retail store environment. The existing POS system has some technical constraints that limit what can be shown on screen, and there are steps that need to be taken in a specific order by the customer and cashier to complete the transaction.

What We Did

First we conducted multiple interviews with business teams to understand customer engagement goals for the project, document creative requirements and constraints, and define success criteria. Next we created a UX Flow showing the possible workflows both the cashier and customer could take. From there we created a High-Fidelity Functional Prototype of the POS system, showing each screen of the application for all the various workflows, which allowed business and technology stakeholders to use the application as if it were already working in the real world.

The Outcome

Development teams were able to take our high-fidelity screens directly to production, and using the functional prototype had a clear definition of how the POS system should work. This saved several sprints of development and weeks of testing. The new POS was deployed ahead of schedule and exceeded both revenue and performance expectations.