Mike Dick - SurveyMonkey

April 02, 2019

How do you go about creating a single design system to support multiple brands and products at the same time? What’s the impact of design systems for startups vs large companies? We’ll find out in today’s conversation with SurveyMonkey’s Mike Dick.

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Martin Ringlein - Eventbrite

February 26, 2019

Martin Ringlein is the Global Head of R&D at Eventbrite, one of the largest ticketing platforms in the world. Martin joined Eventbrite pre-IPO through the acquisition of his previous start-up, nvite, in late 2016 where he served as CEO and Chairman…

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Dane Howard - Samsung NEXT

February 19, 2019

Dane Howard is a design leader & entrepreneur. As a creative generator, he designs momentum for world class products, services and brands.

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Greg Storey - InVision

February 12, 2019

Greg Storey is an internationally recognized designer, writer, and speaker who joined InVision in 2019. He has more than 22 years of experience in digital design, leading teams through full-scale projects in a wide array of industries, including…

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Dan Mall - Superfriendly

February 05, 2019

Dan Mall is a creative director and advisor from Philly. He’s the founder and executive director of SuperFriendly, a design collaborative that gives clients direction. Dan is an enthralled husband & dad, author of Pricing Design, and co-founder of…

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Shay Howe - ActiveCampaign

January 22, 2019

As a designer and front-end developer, Shay Howe has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. He specializes in product design and development, operations, and organizational leadership, areas in which he…

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Phillip Hunter - Pulse Labs

January 15, 2018

A technology product design leader for 20 years, Phillip is at a fourth start-up growing its offering to customers. Pulse Labs assesses and helps improve the experience of using AI-powered digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google…

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Welcome to the Season 2 Finale and special holiday edition of Design Driven. Recording this show was a lot of fun, and you’ll hear why as you get into it.

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Designing software is one thing. Understanding the needs,  of people buying a physical product is entirely different. Or is it? Today I’m talking to Andy Vi-tally about designing experiences at 3M, and his new role at Polaris where they make…

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Arin Bhowmick- IBM

December 12, 2017

Making software on a global scale is really hard. You have to know what each person is trying to do and how to tailor the experience to their specific needs. In today’s chat with Arin Bowmick we’ll look at how IBM uses design thinking to do just…

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