Aaron Irizarry (a.k.a. “Ron”), is the Director of User Experience at Nasdaq and has been building products for startups and large corporations for over 15 years. He is also a life long Dodgers fan, heavy metal enthusiast, and co-author of Discussing…

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Jasjit Singh - Thinkful

March 30, 2017

Jasjit is a serial entrepreneur with three start-ups under his belt. He's also done stints at Bridgewater and Redfin. He's currently a General Manager with Thinkful, which is on a mission to de-risk education and close the skills gaps in tech…

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Rian designs and builds high quality software that people love to use. He also wrote a book about it called Making It Right. After spending several years working in Silicon Valley and Cape Town, South Africa, he is now Product Manager at Wildbit,…

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Scott Graham - Carjojo

March 16, 2017

Scott Graham is the Vice President of Marketing and UX at Carjojo. He is also the founder of Mimmer and Top Growth Hacker. His cross-discipline strategies utilize engineering, behavioral, and cognitive design, and innovative marketing techniques to…

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The podcast about the business advantages of design thinking.

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