Many of our UX strategy and design activities can be delivered as workshops ranging from one day to one week.

This is a great option when you'd like an extra set of eyes on something, or an outside opinion to get you through a sticky process.

Typical Cost: $2,500 to $25,000

Perfect For:
  • Getting an outside perspective on a thorny problem.
  • Helping your team get unstuck.
  • Validating or verifying your internal team’s work.
  • Temporarily adding skills you don't have in-house.

Project Engagements

Need a project team to help execute your vision? Our UX strategists and designers work alongside you and your team to ideate, refine, define, and design the next generation of your products and services.

Our specialty is understanding the nuances of your business and how you create value for customers, and amplifying it to give you a strategic advantage.

Typical Cost: $25,000 - $500,000

Perfect For:
  • Fully managed research & design of complex software projects.
  • Helping business teams rethink products to stay competitive.
  • Guiding IT teams through developing new ideas.
  • Leveling up your internal teams capabilities.

Fractional UX Team Support

Need some extra horsepower to help your team be more effective or move faster? Our strategists, researchers, and designers can be available for part-time or full-time assignments to do just that.

They can be dedicated to your project, report directly to you, and fully embedded in your project teams.

Typical Cost: Starting at $1,500/mo per person

Perfect For:
  • Quickly adding critical skills to any project.
  • Getting dedicated support for understaffed project teams.
  • Helping projects across the finish line.
  • Embedding new skills with minimal risk.

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We thrive on understanding your business, your customers, and how to build products that create real value.

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