We booked hotel stays at 7 major hospitality brands to document the similarities and contrasts among them. We rank the booking flow itself, including the steps and number of clicks required to book a stay with each brand. We also analyze page layout, features, details, and flexibility offered across all 7 brands.

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The way consumers think about and plan travel has changed significantly over the last few years, and customers continue to prioritize travel and luxury while still balancing the effects of inflation. With the growth of companies like Airbnb and VRBO, the introduction of new online booking tools, and the evolution of rewards programs there are many ways to discover and book accommodations, and each of these will surely expand.

Today, though, the most common way to book a stay is with the brand website. So what is that process like? Using cognitive psychology as our backdrop, we set out to answer a few questions: Who’s doing it well? How long does it take? What could these hospitality brands do differently? Where might customers get stuck, and what could be done to improve the experience?

Join our team as we uncover how brands are merchandising rooms, providing details, and offering flexibility, to potential guests.

In the study, you’ll find:

  • Competitive Analysis on the features and flexibility offered during online booking with each brand
  • How marketing and messaging for loyalty programs impacts the user’s experience
  • How the use of images and content shapes customer perception while booking a stay
  • Comparisons on the steps, and amount of time required to book a stay with each hospitality brand

…and so much more.

If you’re considering updating your booking flow or online ticketing experience to keep pace with the competition, Nine Labs can help. Our team of Researchers, Strategists, Designers, and Consultants use real-world insights and decades of experience to help travel brands improve their digital products.


Download the Flow here