J sat down last week for a chat with Sandbox ATL's Scott Henderson on the Hump Day Exchange Podcast. After an intro that mentions his holy trinity (whisky, cigars, and the Big Green Egg) the first 15 minutes are J's time in the hot seat.

The other panelists on this episode, fittingly themed Design Driven, are Amanda Rhein from MARTA and David Black from Medicare Pathfinder. The discussion covers the spectrum of public/private design projects: from shortening the feedback loop by taking Atlanta’s public service data open source to un-siloed problem solving for Enterprise organizations.

Listen below, and get up to speed on Atlanta design with some snippets from the talk:

Design Driven, Indeed

A fast-track analogy on the distinction between UI and UX:

The steering wheel to a car is the User Interface. When you have a wreck, that’s an Experience. The Interface helps direct the Experience, but they’re not the same thing.

Root Cause Analysis

Honing in on the correct set of problems to tackle first:

At the beginning of a project, keep digging until you identify the root problem. Once you solve the root problem, a lot of the ancillary problems go away.

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