For years, we’ve asked, “When you think about the typical app or website - what is the one interface element that everyone recognizes, that is always present, that always works reliably?”

Answer: It’s the Close button.

It is easy for customers to abandon their cart, neglect that last form field, or rethink a purchase with only one step to go. So what’s stopping them from completing those tasks, and what can your product team do about it? We’ve got answers. 

In this episode of Design Driven, J is talking with Ph.D. of Cognitive Psychology and Nine Labs Research Lead, Max Fey about some of the psychological factors impeding your customers from making that purchase, submitting that form, or entering their data. 

Over this 35 minute Podcast, we cover:

  • Why Cognitive Load is so powerful and must be considered in your Product Design
  • The Importance of incorporating Multimodal components 
  • How to group information to reduce cognitive load and increase positive perception
  • Why people are more likely to quit a task before they even get started, and what you can do to capture your customers before it’s too late
  • Tips for creating experiences that help users be more mindful so they can block out their cognitive load

…and so much more. 

If you take a Human-Centered Design approach, then don’t miss this episode of Design Driven - it will be 35 minutes well spent.