How do you ensure your team, across all departments, is on the same page? A big part of a product manager or owner’s job is seeking to understand what their organization needs as a whole, and then curate solutions to their problems. Sometimes receiving information from the “middle man” and delivering that same information across marketing, design and development teams can quickly become a game of Telephone.

The requirements we get are often a small (and cloudy) view of what the highest level stakeholders – and sometimes users – actually want and need. This is one of the most common problems in any organization: communicating what needs to be done to the people who need to do it.

In this episode, we’re talking to Nicholas Petroski, co-founder of Promethean Research, and Carl Smith, CEO of Bureau of Digital, to discuss how you can better organize your information gathering to increase cost savings and save time across your company. 

Topics Include:

  • Broader perspective on requirement gathering for agencies and internal teams
  • Tips to save time and money, and keep your team aligned
  • Presenting a plan to stakeholders with clarity and confidence 
  • Investing in user research up front for vanity enhancement
  • Measuring ROI of User Research 

If you are leading a product team, organizing stakeholders, or considering your next product design project, this podcast from these UX leaders should not be missed.