Do you ever wonder whether your work matters? I do. At times we’re all confronted with the question of whether our work is impactful, and whether it matters.

As someone who cares deeply about leaving a positive mark on my tiny corner of the universe, this question - and the subsequent answer - matter deeply to me. I presume I’m not alone in this.

Fast-forward to last week, when some members of our team at Nine Labs had the privilege of spending a few days with one of our clients, The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). For those of you unfamiliar with CPJ, it’s an independent non-profit that defends and promotes press freedom around the world. The team is comprised of extremely talented journalists who spend their days reporting on violations against their fellow journalists and trying to save lives… literally.

Our time with CPJ was a palpable reminder of the power of intent, of our immense ability as humans to breathe life into the causes that stir us, and of my ability, as a marketer, to work with purpose.

CPJ2_Edited-768x452The CPJ team in their weekly editorial planning meeting.

Outside of getting to spend time with some of the most passionate, focused people I’ve met, we had an opportunity to brainstorm and strategize how to bring more attention to and awareness of CPJ’s voice and mission, connect with a new and growing audience and streamline their internal marketing processes.

CPJ1_edited-768x475Each year, CPJ releases “Attacks on the Press,” which documents press injustices throughout the world.

During our conversations, I found myself thinking, “Wow, I can absolutely help this group of people and make their jobs easier.” By bringing our team’s knowledge and expertise to the table, we’re taking work off of CPJ’s plate and giving their team more valuable time back to focus on their mission of protecting and defending people.

In short, by doing what we do best, we can create solutions that help CPJ, quite literally, impact the world.

If that’s not purpose, I’m not sure what is.