People love to speak their mind, share their thoughts, their selfies, photos of their brunch. They want to be included, to have a say in how things are done. But even in today’s oversharing society, some clients are surprised when we want include them in the process of getting their project from A to Z.


The feedback loop should be an ongoing process. By involving stakeholders from the very beginning and at critical decision points, it helps maintain buy-in and make sure the project stays on track.


Anticipation and surprise work great in the theater, but are a dangerous beast when working on a project. The last thing we want is have “the big reveal” and find out we missed the mark.

Don Draper does the “Big Reveal”

The days of getting a project, disappearing into an office for weeks to create something, then presenting the big idea are gone. In today’s world things change too fast for that.

You see, we know we get better results when we — the client’s team and ours — work together and communicate frequently. Staying closely connected helps build trust and eliminate misunderstandings. That’s why we involve our clients in the decision making process as much as possible.


Our intent with each client is to collaborate, teach, and work towards shared goals. The only way that’s possible is to stay closely connected and make sure we are in alignment on each step. By keeping everyone on the project team in the loop, we can reduce missteps and catch mistakes early.

Fewer mistakes means higher quality and faster progress. High quality output and rapid progress lead to successful projects. Successful projects lead to happy clients.

And that’s the whole point.