You have a loyal customer base, your design team is clicking on all cylinders, your design system is solid and has been adopted by Engineering,  you have strong data & analytics to make a case for a new product. You and your product design are ready to build an app your customers will love. Or are you?

In this episode of Design Driven, Equifax Chief Product Officer Mark Luber shares his must haves for creating a new app, a check list he’s created over 20 years in this business. That’s right, Mark was leading product before it was called product, and when many of today’s top UX talent were still surfing the worldwide web via a dial up connection.

Today, Mark is focused on making Equifax a Product Led Organization, and he’s telling host J Cornelius just how he’s doing it. 

Listen in as this product leader and UX titan, shares the things you must consider before creating any new product. 

Topics Include:

  • Finding your product’s Competitive Advantage 
  • The importance of (and how to collect) customer data
  • Why you must identify OKRs for your product before you begin design. 
  • How a fixed scope and fixed budget can kill your Product.

Are you ready to grow your business into a Product Led organization? Do you need to prioritize problem solving and innovation over profit and loss? Then Mark Luber’s Design Driven Podcast is not to be missed.