As digital products, apps, and websites become more advanced and human-centered there is an increasing need for organizations to to stop “shipping the org chart” and work across departmental boundaries. This can be difficult, especially in large legacy organizations which haven’t embraced modern product design tools and methods.

A must see for department heads - in this webinar we discuss:

  • How to align cross-functional teams toward a common goal
  • Creating a common language that works for business and design teams
  • Collaborating across teams with different KPIs
  • Effectively communicating C-Suite requests into achievable team goals
  • Keeping everyone in sync and moving the same direction


About Aaron Irizarry

Aaron_IrizarryAaron Irizarry is all too familiar with these challenges as Sr. Director and Head of Credit Solutions Design/Commercial Design Systems at Capital One. He enjoys all things user experience, problem-solving, and org design. Having worked for Fox/IGN, HP, Nasdaq, and now Capital One, Aaron loves sinking his teeth into complex problems. Aaron speaks at events and provides training for companies on design team structure, communication, and collaboration.

He is also the co-author of Discussing Design: Improving Communication and Collaboration through Critique.