One of the most common problems our clients come to us with is how to “do design” more efficiently and effectively. It seems the larger and older the organization is, the more they struggle to perform the activities required to create high quality digital products. It’s not for a lack of resources or talent. They have plenty of smart people, but they are haunted by the ghosts of legacy thinking and management which prevent them from performing at their best.

In this conversation with Greg Storey, we dive into some of the issues organizations face when it comes to great design outcomes, and discuss how the best-run organizations are overcoming those challenges to achieve great results.

Topics Include:

  • How removing the word “design” from your vocabulary can boost cross-functional collaboration.
  • Businesses want a quick solution, but truly great outcomes can’t be rushed. “You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles” - Miracle Max, The Princess Bride
  • Digital Product Design, User Experience Design, and all the related activities are still new disciplines. We need to think about them like architecture and engineering, which require rigorous discipline and testing.
  • Designers need to understand each language of business and communicate in those terms to build trust.

Don’t miss out on this discussion. And if your company is experiencing obstacles in design, Nine Labs can help.