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New! Improve Your Product Positioning.

So many people asked us how to update their product positioning in the wake of COVID-19, we created a new way to help. An intensive online program to make sure you understand your customers and how your products create value for them.

The Product Positioning Workshop

Product Strategy

Focusing your efforts on the right market with the right message is essential to product success.
  • Target Market Refinement

    Make sure you understand who needs your products and how they make decisions.

  • Value Proposition Design

    Get a clear picture of what your customers need and how your products and services can deliver it to them.

  • Product Positioning

    Clarify your product messaging to speak your customer’s language, win their trust, and grow your business.

The value they bring to a project is immeasurable. They’re always focused on asking the right question, digging into the core of the problem, and coming up with excellent strategic solutions.

Matt Malament - Director, Global Category Strategy at InterContinental Hotels Group

Customer Insights

Truly understanding your users can improve existing products, generate new concepts, and spark innovation.
  • User Research

    Using one-on-one interviews, surveys, and a blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis to get a precise view of users’ wants, needs, fears, and desires.

  • Empathy Mapping

    Get a clear picture of how your customers see the specific problems you’re trying to solve, and how your products fit in their lives.

  • User Journeys

    Map out the end-to-end process people take to get things done to find and avoid common pitfalls and remove seams in service delivery.

  • User Task Outlines

    Understand and document all the required steps to successfully completing tasks so your team has a common view of what to build.

  • Usability Testing

    Find out where users get stuck, confused, and frustrated so you can build higher quality apps and better experiences.

This team is very well rounded in technology, development, design and general business practice. They’re the right people to solve your problem or brainstorm new ideas.

John Agan - Director of Product, Engineering, and Program Management - Twitch

UX Design

Our multidisciplinary team brings strategy, research, and design together to create engaging web and mobile experiences that drive business value.
  • Object-Oriented UX

    Humans think in objects. We understand the world around us (physical and digital) by identifying the objects we see and what we can do with them. This "objects-first" process makes sure a digital environment uses objects designed to be consistent, recognizable, understandable.

  • UX Flow Diagramming

    A definitive guide to workflows and application architecture.

  • Paper Prototyping

    The fastest way to build and test apps with real users to find errors early and save valuable development time.

  • UI Wireframing

    Simple structural outlines of your apps to help the business, the developers, and the customers stay on the same page.

  • UI Design

    People trust software that looks great. A beautiful UI is essential.

  • Interaction Design

    The little things matter. What happens when you tap that button. Does it wiggle, fade, or just change color?

  • Clickable Prototypes

    High-fidelity mockups of application UIs that can be tested with real people to get a feel for how the real thing will work.

  • Design Systems

    A common visual language that helps designers and developers work faster with more consistency and fewer collisions.

They have a knack for explaining things in a way that just makes sense. Their process of building products makes it easy for designers, developers, and business people to understand and apply.

Lee Thomas - CEO - Project Cost Solutions

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