Without Proper Research, your Teams are Guessing…

Sure, your team is smart. They’ve been able to make some educated decisions and follow UX practices. And yes, they might have years of experience, but your product is only a strong set of assumptions that need to be validated by user research. If you want to build products with a human-centered design approach, you need to involve humans (users) in all steps of your design process.

Benefits of User Research for your Business

Ability to Ask the Right Questions

There is no silver bullet when it comes to user research. To clearly understand your users’ expectations and behaviors, your experiment needs clear goals so you can ask the right questions. We’ll start by constructing a hypothesis and then, use a thoughtful approach to collect useful quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Develop Actionable Insights

Some teams stop there, but we don’t. Conducting research and collecting data is only half the task. Your team needs to be able to use the research, discuss the results, and determine how the data you’ve invested in can guide your next move.

Lead with Confidence

After our findings, you will have the tools you need to lead your design team with confidence, establish an effective strategy, and identify key demographics for your product going forward. This clarity and confidence will save you valuable development and design time, and help you build a product your customers will love.

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Steps in our User Research Process

We'll talk to your team

While your team shouldn't be making guesses on user needs, their point of view is important. We’ll conduct stakeholder interviews with key team members to better understand strategic and business goals.

We'll talk to your users

We'll build a custom research plan using qualitative and quantitative techniques to validate your products.

We’ll synthesize our research

We’ll present a summary of our research with a presentation that builds clarity and confidence in your product strategy, goals, and opportunities to increase adoption.

What’s Included in our User Research:

  • 1 hour kick off call with client to understand business goals, current state of the product, and customer segments
  • Product assessment to understand the product
  • Follow up call to ask questions and/or stakeholder interviews
  • Moderated and/or unmoderated testing
  • Customer surveys
  • Customer interviews
  • Executive summary presentation with our findings, recommendations and project plan for addressing your needs (if applicable).

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