Client Case Studies

Our work ranges from shaping brand-new ideas to reshaping legacy products for some of the world’s smartest startups and most recognizable brands.

Delta Air Lines
Intercontinental Hotel Group
Circle K
The Home Depot
CINC Systems
Engage Ventures
Evident ID
Shadow Ventures
Financial Partners Credit Union
Blue Ridge Supply Chain Solutions
FinPro Soutions

Intercontinental Hotel Group

The exact nature and scope of our projects with IHG is confidential.

From rethinking how people book a hotel room to reshaping how teams think about designing products, we’ve helped their mobile and web teams work through tough challenges and adapt to the changing landscape over a number of years.

With our help, they’ve boosted RevPAR and brand loyalty across their portfolio.

Delta Air Lines

The exact nature and scope of our projects with Delta is confidential.

When Delta wanted to improve the appearance and functionality of a critical customer-facing platform, they turned to us.

Our team works with their in-house business and IT teams across departmental silos to simplify and streamline the tools customers use - and deliver a better customer experience across multiple products.

Circle K

In a continuing quest to make convenience stores more convenient, Circle K wanted to radically upgrade their mobile app to allow customers to shop from anywhere and either pick up in-store or have their items delivered to them at the pump.

Our team helped prototype and design proof-of-concept mobile app with a new workflow that enabled people to choose the items they wanted from the closest store and sync with the stores internal systems to ensure items were in stock and ready for the customer when they arrived.


We helped Kabbage transform a B2B partner application for bank and non-bank partners to access their most relevant data faster and easier on-demand. Through improved user research, UI design, data standardization, risk assessment, and automation efforts, the partners no longer had to wait for support or reporting requests. Analytics and insights became available 24/7 along with real time data about their customers.

With valuable information much more accessible, partners felt confident Kabbage was hearing their needs. The transformation helped enable management to draw the roadmap for the company's next-generation of vital partners, while also delivering a world-class interface to existing partners to accelerate their growth.


With the recent pandemic and the need for users to have more touchless experiences with systems and devices. Our designers were brought in to help their in-house team develop a new touchless experience. This was achieved by taking the experience out of the ATM, and putting it in the palm of the users hand by going mobile.

With the integration of the touchless technology, users are able to handle all their banking needs, including withdrawals and deposits via a mobile device at an ATM.

At the same time we were also tasked with the development of a core Design System Kits, segmented DSK’s were created across multiple platforms (Touchless, Touch Screen, Button Driven Devices) for additional features or modifications to patterns that were needed via platform.

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