Whether you're struggling with a specific challenge or need to spark new ideas, these focused workshops and training engagements provide expertise and guidance so your project can succeed.

Typical engagements range from $5,000 to $35,000.

"…some of the most valuable training dollars we’ve ever spent. I wish we would have done this to begin with."

Program Manager at a Global Airline




Customer Discovery

Get the most out of your customer research. Learn effective ways to interview people and document results to build a clearer picture of your customers and make better decisions about how to serve them.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get an end-to-end view of how people discover, evaluate, and use your products and services. You'll uncover blind-spots and find low-hanging fruit to improve your customer experience.

Value Proposition Development

Interactive session using the Value Proposition Canvas to map the specific pains and gains of your customer segment to features and benefits of your product.




Paper Prototyping Workshop

Interactive whiteboard session to outline the basic interface of and required screens of your product.

Object Oriented User Experience Design

Fundamental to designing any user interface. Define all the objects in your app or product and how they relate to each other.

Experiment Design Workshop

Discover how to create small tests with a big impact on your product decisions so you can move faster and ship with confidence.

Guerrilla User Testing

We take the paper prototypes into the real world to test them with the target market. All observations and recommendations are delivered to you in a report.


Design and Build


User Interface Workshop

This session gathers information about your technology, your application and its users, and the types of tasks and workflows required to design and develop a beautiful, intuitive, and effective User Interface, or “UI”, for your application.

This is an interactive casual session intended to facilitate open discussion and collaboration. Expect lots of scribbles, sketches, and notes. Don’t worry. We’ll take photos of anything important and share them with you afterward.

The desired outcome of this session is a clear direction for how the UI should be designed and the technologies it should be built with.

User Experience Workshop

Struggling with how to remove friction in your web and mobile apps to increase conversion, boost engagement, and grow revenue? These workshops are for you.

Our interactive facilitated work sessions engage your team to understand the pain-points and bottlenecks in your systems and craft solutions that create more value for your customers without costing your company an arm and a leg.

Design Sprints

A 5-day intensive engagement based on the Google Design Sprint process.

We bring the right people from our team with the right skillset to get the job done. At the end you will have a customer-validated prototype – or in the case of failure – you have just saved yourself months of wasted time and money.

Companies large and small use Design Sprints to quickly test new ideas and decisions about whether to proceed with a project.


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